Yelena Kalyuzhnova Visits Kuwait

Professor Yelena Kalyuzhnova , an expert in the field of management and economics, visited Kuwait in a scientific invitation organized by Professor Mansour Al Shamali in cooperation with Mr. Bader Shwaib, Executive Director of the Local Component Committee of KOC.

Professor Kalyuzhnova, the president of the Eurasian Institute of Energy, has completed a book on the concept of the “natural component in natural resource rich countries” in oil and gas. This concept is very important for the Arab countries, especially in transforming graduates into the private sector in all professions and in the oil field.
Kalyuzhnova gave lectures on this subject and met with directors at Kuwait Oil Company and the General Authority for Applied Education and Training – and the Faculty of Business Studies at the Institute, Dr. Asaad Al-Zayed, and some institutions interested in this subject.

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